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((I will not explain why this has taken so long, because I can't.))

John: You may not realise it but the international community is in deep, deep brown stuff. Not to sound cold, but the military aplications for mutants are vast. Different countries have reacted to this in different ways. Britain screened everyone and summilarily exported anyone who was too "deviant" our scientists seem to have found a way to halt, or rather greatly slow the process. Needless to say this is only available to the rich or people they catch very early. As a result of this a very large number of the forgotten are British. So this is a big mess for us.

Thats why I'm here.

As to those guys? French special forces. They have the opposite policy, capture and brainwash all mutents. They want Davin, they think they can use him as a template for an army.

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