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Originally posted by txa1265
Do they still play Stairway to Heaven at school dances? I remember swaying like an idiot in a room full of sweaty 9th graders during the fast section of that song, with Plant screeching and Page wailing ... but then, that was 1982 ...

They were never one of my fave rock bands, they were fairly solid, but didn't have anything that sparked for me ... but then I was already on my path towards fusion and avante-garde jazz ... besides, back then most of the people who were into them were spacer pot-heads "dude, floyd, sabbath, zepplin ..."

A question - if they were already 'classic rock' in 1982 (actually, the term hadn't been coined yet), what are they now? Given that their music now is about the same vintage as Rosemary Clooney and Doris Day were for me in high school ... have they started calling it oldies yet? Or does that offend the middle-aged radio managers too much

Well, they split up in 1980 because their drummer died. They started as a band in 1968 and had their first album out in 1969, so they ARE classic rock, but not at the 1982 era. They did release an album in '82, bt it was a bunch of leftover songs...

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