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Anach... look at the text it gives you for the error...

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file "D:\Games\LucasArts\SWKotOR\2da.bif".
File name: "D:\Games\LucasArts\SWKotOR\2da.bif"
It's looking for 2da.bif in the root KotOR folder.. which isn't gonna work. This means that somehow it's not getting your data path correct.

All I did was, added a backslash to the END of the root path and re-edited it and the data path.

So for you, manually make your root path read:
D:\Games\LucasArts\SWKotOR\ (note the final backslash)
and your data path then needs to read:
D:\Games\LucasArts\SWKotOR\data (no final backslash seems to be required here)

Also note that if you DO add a backslash to the root path, if you then use the V button, you'll get two backslashes between KotOR and whichever item comes next for most of the fields, which you don't want. (in other words it'll look like this in most other boxes: D:\Games\LucasArts\SWKotOR\\data) You can edit that manually also though, so it's not a huge deal.


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