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Originally posted by Boba Rhett
Oops, I've been writing it out wrong. It's TaunTaun, without the space in between.

I think my "theme" for this forum will be as if it's a fancy hotel, like, "Welcome to The Taun, Checking in? Bellhop, fetch his blaster and flight suit!" and various other catch phrases that will amuse me but annoy others. Huzzah!
Ya i can imagine that.
"Welcome to the TaunTaun. Your room # is 437, place take hover deck 3."

*at the valet parking lot*

Ted: Woah, dude. Look at that new Speeded.
Frank: Ya dude thats tight.
Ted:Ya, candy apple red, crome bumper, man thats hot
Frank:I got dibs on it
Ted: Dammit, SHOTGUN!

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