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i keep reading "it's lucky the guy didn't pull out a gun" i don't know how many guns people have ever seen, but, living in wyoming, i have a PRETTY good experience w/them. It's kinda hard to conceal a pistol in your pants w/o someone noticing, it'll make you walk different, change how you sit and basically change everything you do so it doesn't fall out. I also KNOW that half the people who pull guns out (around here anyway) won't use them, they just want to try to scare the person into backing down, i've had guns pointed at me before (by jr. high/grade school kids when i was in grade school) i was afraid but i didn't miss a beat in just walking towards the person "you better kill me with that first shot cuz if you don't i'm gonna be mad" and they backed down. it depends on the person who's pointing the gun, but honestly, not everyone who points a gun at someone is going to shoot them. i know from experience

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