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Originally posted by Acrylic
Well, they split up in 1980 because their drummer died. They started as a band in 1968 and had their first album out in 1969, so they ARE classic rock, but not at the 1982 era. They did release an album in '82, bt it was a bunch of leftover songs...
Oh, I'm familiar with their history ... it is just that in ~82 they were already part of the dinosaur rock era, later called classic rock. They were still on the radio - and their pre-Coda album got some pop radio airplay. I am just saying that the time between their heyday (early 70's) and now is 30 years ... and for me, as a teenager in ~82, that would equate with music from the early 50's - the pre-rock era. It is just interesting, that's all.


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