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Originally posted by Kitty Kitty
All those sound good.. BUT..

As my vote, I'd say priority one would be a script decompiler/compiler since we can't do that yet.

Yes, we have compilers, but that lets us change only what we have source provided for.. meaning any scripts inside the modules are about as good as being hardcoded for the time being.

If someone could come up with a proper decompiler for those, we could gain a lot of access we don't currently have.

Just my 2 cents.

I don't see how one would decompile binary machine code back to asci nss, Bioware themselves had to include sources for their scripts in NWN they didn't(or couldn't) make a decompiler?
But if it is possible I definately think Fred Tetra can do it

Otherwise perhaps we could nag Bioware to release the sources for module scripts, maybe make a petition or something if you really must have them.

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