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you people can blame LA all you want for the modding difficulty. but modding has not been discouraged or shut down on any other LA game until KotOR. i remember downloading mods for LA games as far back as Dark Forces. and ravebn HAS released toolsets for the last two releases in the Jedi Knight series.

so what if bioware released one game with a toolset. that does not make them the mod-friendly community of the decade. they released the toolset with this game because it was one of the games marketed selling points. it was a marketing strategy plain and simple. maybe the reason KotOR didn't get a toolset is because they didn't make enough money with that particular ploy.

as far as i'm concerned, any primarily PC RPG company that throws themself into a contract with microsoft and starts releasing their games primarily for xbox before porting them to PC has lost alot of my respect. the toolset issue and banned modding topics only added to it.

oh, and fred, thanks for the great program. this is one brilliant program. completely intuitive in all aspects.
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