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well at least i have the BALLS to back up the **** i talk, instead of running away from problems that won't go away i face them and deal with them the ONLY way it can be solved by. you can say all you want about me but since i'm the only one here who has dared some racist kid to shoot me it means i must have SOME kind of confidence. "no it's just stupidity" if you said that then you don't know me at all. which is fine, cuz you guys say that thinking "oh he's just trying to act big online" honestly if you guys hate me i don't care, i have a life outside of the internet. i just come here to see if there's any interesting news that i haven't see or read yet. i'll tell you about me right now; i drink to get drunk, i smoke big ass cigars, i love to shoot guns, women are the ultimate goal, and i love to fight. that's the way i am and i'm a good enough fighter that there's probably 5-6 people in my school who would actually fight me, the rest are scared ****less. even if none of you like it i don't care, i grew up a white kid on an indian reservation, there was some hardcore racism and i never once got into a 1-on-1 fight, it was always NO LESS than 2 versus me. i got pretty tough from it and when you fatass losers sit on your computers criticizing someone else's lifestyle it's pathetic, take a look in the mirror and realize how cool you are, i'm living life and when i share an experience that you guys try to poke fun at? that's some sad stuff right there. the only other person here who has a story like mine is RayJones, i like that story cuz he didn't run away crying like most of you would have, he got them back just the same as they tried to get him. did he get shot? no? why is that? cuz not everyone who pulls a gun on someone is going to shoot them, looks like my story had some relevance huh? lots of people are just talk, people who pull guns, people on forum boards......

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