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Re: "errm. sorry.. WHAT EARTH did you came from again??"

Originally posted by RayJones

stupid humans..
heh, your human too.

they coulda been any race, I was tryin to get at the fact that...they came into the house armed with intent to make threats. I am sure 50 cent or some rapper made it cool to do that stuff. But it just as easily coulda been asians upset about their rice cars or something so I dunno(oh noes another racist comment, thanks fast n furious for putting that stereotypical racism into my mind). I could have just said "some stupid ppl came into the house..." but the story wouldnt have as much meaning. Just tellin what happened.

weapon ex...its not about havin balls to do anything, thats stupidity no matter how much you tell yourself it isnt. It wouldnt be too "cool" and "tough" to be dead in a morgue or in a hospital because I threatened somebody with a gun. Sure not everybody will actually shoot you when they threaten you with a gun, but thats a bad assumption to make. That doesnt mean I wont stand up for myself in a situation like that.

(in before the thread is locked )

like woah
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