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i'm about 1/2 way through reading Stupid White Men and i have to say i'm thoroughly depressed about the whole thing. I'm not sure that democrasy is dying, i'm begining to think it is almost as much of an illusion as communism turned out to be. Whatever system you have in place it still ends up as a lot of people with power and influence protecting their power and influence and very little changing for anyone else.

That's what you get for reading Michael Moore.

The continuation of democracy depends on the outlook and response of its people. The reason communism does not work is that it allows corrupt and power-hungry people to gain power without giving the people the chance to react and remove them from power.

In a democratic system, however, the people can, through their vote, change the system. How the system changes depends on the education and motives of the voters. If the voters are educated enough to recognize a candidate that is only running due to a lust for power, they will not vote that person into power. If a candidate does not show his true colors until after elected, the people can either vote to remove him from power, or not re-elect him.

The continuation of a democratic system also depends on the vision of the voters. Michael Moore and people like him are all about tearing down the establishment - he spends all of his time tearing down and rarely, if ever, builds people up. If this negative vision of the world is spread throughout the voting public, the people will see voting as useless, leaving the system to the vocal minority, who will vote into power whomever will give them the resources or legislation they want - the power-hungry individuals who will serve the special interest for votes.

On the other hand, if the people have a positive vision of how they can improve their nation and society, they will be motivated to enact that vision through their vote, thus moving the nation forward toward the proverbial Shining City on the Hill.

In short, don't read Michael Moore - there are so many better resources out there.
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