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bugs in XWA?

Shot, hit, shi...?

No, never saw such a problem while gaming XvT or XWA or...?

Yeah, some missions have bugs, when suddenly the "film" stops without seeable reasons... but I got it to work around by changing difficulty or avoiding targeting enemies to show them up in the CMD (the family mission 1b2m3fg is an example for; after destroying the first two waves of Starchasers "on sight", rest of mission never stucks).

Weapons always were functioning well (but one should load them to full red in terms of gaining firepower and greater distance possible for targeting), but first shot may be uncounted when loosing target lock. On greater targets you can fire "blind" (downwards about 1,38) and the (counted) hits will be shown, if one of the video options is on (3D Hardware particel-effects), but in deed the y-key (laserconvergence should be used here).

If something can't be destroyed, it is programmed "invincible", showing 1% hull. Programmers can add shields to crafts normally without, up to 200 percent. But hitting absolutely without any effect or result (the ties should evade)... ???

Maybe a very peaceful OS-version (WIN d.o.s = do only suffer)

Bhakar (alias A.F.)
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