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André Friedrich
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Uuups - just forget one "bug":

fly high above any target (try this with gun or laser platforms/stations), until you reach "12 o'clock". Look down on your target an make an attack run...

You will 100% have problems to get that target into the aiming circle, to get a green lock, almost problems to fly straight (down). It revealed to me once I was dogfighting with some ugly experimental ties, wondering why I was so bad in hitting them, when aiming at their six. Must be some kind of zero axis (through the MOD), which results in bad (programed) calculations...

Makes it a bit harder to destroy golans from beneath (out of range of golan lasers). Trick: move the cursor above the target and jump into the map! Leave the map and look, where the cursor stopped. Target lock? Fire with keyboard-commands.

Ahhh! Ok, never attack at "bad" angles...
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