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Originally posted by JoKen

Ok, forget the station idea... however it would be cool if you could build harvesteres on asteroids...

Not that that'll ever happen...

Anyway, to expand on things, here's my list of ships that should be included in the first release (with more added later)
  • X-Wing (Reb)
  • Y-Wing (Reb)
  • A-Wing (Reb; possibility not sure if it's been developed at the current time of swg...)
  • Tie Fighter (Imp)
  • Tie Interceptor (Imp)
  • Tie Bomber (Imp)
  • Tie Advanced (Imp; probably X-1, as I doubt the final version is finished yet)
  • T-Wing
  • R-31 Starchaser
  • Lambda Class Shuttle (Reb and Imp)
  • YT-1300 Transport
  • YT-2000 Trasnport
  • YT-2400 Transport
  • Firespray Class Attack Ship
  • Bulk Freighter (All)
  • Medium Transport (Reb)
  • Correllian Corvette (Reb and Neutral)
  • Bulk Cruiser (Reb and Neutral)
  • Carrack Cruiser (Imp)
  • Nebulon-B Frigate (Reb)
  • Lancer Frigate (Imp)
  • Dreadnought (All)
  • Interdictor Cruiser (Imp)
  • MC40a Light Calamari Cruiser (Reb)
  • Victory Star Destryor (Imp)
  • MC80a Mon Calamari Cruiser (Reb)
  • Star Destroyer (Imp)

lol I want my own Star Destroyer so I can blow up all the rebel planets. I would also like the following stuff: Death Star & Nar Shaada & ummm thats all
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