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[QUOTE]Originally posted by rccar328

The continuation of democracy depends on the outlook and response of its people.

you are absolutly correct. the will of the people mataphorically can be conceived as the will of a single individual. if someone wants to achieve a thing they turn their will to it with a determination that wont cease until the goal is accomplished. democracy is not dying it is only becoming lethargic complacent weak willed it is losing its acuity and so on ad nauseum. alright here's the image of ideal. we are not a well educated populace on the whole for proof i turn to the recreational preoccupation that seems the be so proliferate these days that nietzches proclamation of the death of man seems to be coming to pass in that our collective perceptions of what is important are diminishing. the mad artist is even more of a ghoul today than he was 50 years ago. the desire for art and artists is being supplanted by more tangible pursuits like television and sports and other diverting distractions. and all of this ties into the topic being discussed here for if you do not know who you are by means of enhancing your own individuality how can you possibly know what will be good for the herd or er i mean the people. i'm sorry i was sidetracked and never did state the ideal which is so foriegn to this world that i am not sure i can express it adequetly, but it is a world in which every one truly wishes to live and contains the potency of something great, and is capable of expressing it through word form sound or image. a democracy in such a world would be volatile but it would lack 90% of the problems this one suffers.(i cant explain this here) if any of you are truly interested in this topic, and im sure most of you are you should look up a man named Leo Strauss. he is the name sake of the political movement that is called straussian and a key mentor of karl rove(a white house advisor and some other top official in the administration. sorry i cant think of his name right now) but one of the major tenants of straussian political science is that there are only a small majority within a democracy that are capable of ruling. have you ever heard of the P.N.A.C(PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY) well the straussians are behind that as well. and for those of you that believe that democracy is dying this could be the stream that is bringing the poison to the lake so to speak

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