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Why barely no one will be able to play Half Life 2

As u all know Half Life 2, has continually delayed and finnaly looks ready for realease this year. But should every gamer get there hopes up?

Assuming u read the above article it is obvious that there is something wrong with Directx9. Taking the Raedon 9800XT for example. It can produce frame rates on Direct X8 games at 250 and over. But of a recent Directx9 game such as Halo it run max at 50 framesand thats at a res of 1024 x 768 . Hmmm. Maybe thats why the devs have delayed Half life 2 for so long. Eirther they have realised that the game is to consuming and are waiting to release it when the general PC gamers have more powerful PCs or they are trying to re configue the game so that it will not swallow up all the PCs power. There are a very few gamers that will be able to run this game at a satisfactory level. Anyway i jsut hope that microsoft will fix this problem.

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