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Exclamation Star Wars (OT) DVD in November? Similar set to Indy!

Just read this on TFn:

BIG NEWS: Classic SW DVD Details
Fri, Jan 23, 04 01:29:26 AM EST

We're hearing rumblings this week about the Classic Trilogy DVDs coming next fall. Here's some details floating around the net these days:

In November 2004 we'll see the Original Trilogy on DVD! There probably won't be any added scenes, simply the 3 Special Edition films along with with a bonus 4th disk. Basically they're going to take the Indy trilogy to use as a model.
Also included will be Episode 3 teaser material!

The Indy boxed set just became the best selling boxed set ever. They expect SW to take that title, later this year. No news of any 6 DVD boxed sets or the classic versions of the film.
This sounds fairly likely to me - Lucas seemed to like the Indy DVD format, and it would make sense to have a similar set for Star Wars.

I wouldn't be surprised if we got some super uber set in a couple of years time - with all 6 movies, suped up and a load of extra material.

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