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Question TRU Troop?

Check this out

UPDATE:TRU February Figure Promotion
Jeremy: Toys "R" Us is currently running ads for an upcoming figure promotion that will run throughout February. Not a great deal is know about the promotion, except that for each $14.99 purchase of Star Wars toys you will receive an action figure worth $4.99. Does this fit in with our earlier news that TRU stock computers now list a new "Clone Trooper" figure? UPDATE: Probably not as the SKN number for the free figure indicates it's from the Luke Hoth and later cases. In seven days we will know more for sure. With thanks to TRUJedi for sending in the report, and TRU Employee for additional info.


TRU Computer Lists New Clonetrooper
Jeremy: A new item has been listed in the TRU stock computer - SW Clone Trooper has appeared alongside SKN 960767. TRU Believer, who sent in this report, says that this item has a retail price of $7.99 but other details indicate it could be a part of a promotion. Could this be the long anticipated Silver Edition Clonetrooper that Europe has seen so many of? Only time will tell.

What you think?

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