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Originally posted by Hoa_Binh

And to edit them, look for the TLK editor in the NWN Vault homepage. Should work for the TLK files in KotOR too. [/B]

If that doesn't work, then there's no way to do it for KotOR yet that I would know of.

There's something else to keep in mind however. There was a similar limitation for many mods in NWN, and even there in a multiplayer game, most modders avoided actually changing this file.

Reason being... This is a LARGE file. And besides not wanting to take the time to download it (the thing is over 5 meg for KotOR, and I think it was considerably larger for NWN), a lot of people don't want to change it at all.

Like say I decide to make a custom item. So I add like 3 entries to the file. Ok fine.. now Jawa or someone makes a couple items. Well their items and my item happen to both use the same reference numbers. Hmm...

With a large file like this, you can see where it quickly gets messy, and why people wouldn't want to DL 5+ megs just so the spiffy new saber you made has unique text strings.

Now I'm not saying don't bother.. just pointing out that whenever modding in ways you think you'll ever want to actually release.. TRY very hard to never actually have to change dialog.tlk to do it. It's a good habbit to get into.


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