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Nice catchup:
* you have the choice between 5 player classes to play with:
- Scouts with a sniper rifle and seeker droid which can be controlled
- Infantery, the basic have-gun-will travel intergallactic grunt
- Assault trooper, with guns peppy enough to punch holes in craft
- Pilot, the grease-monkeys who can patch up damaged craft
- Special unit, a unique class for all sides (Rebel, Empire, Republic or Separatists)

* use control all kinds of vehicles and other:
- xwings
- tie fighters
- ywings
- jedi starfighters
- imperial shuttles
- snowspeerders
- speederbikes
- trade federation tank
- republic gunship
- even Tauntauns

The game offers campaign mode (also solo playable or split screen) in which teams take turns assaulting each others planets. Each planet has two battle maps and if a team wins both skirmishes it gets control of the planet and picks the newt world on which to wage war. If a team managesto hold control of a planet for a particular charge-up time, it unlocks special attacks. (like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker)

Off course you can jump into instant-action where you´ll find chaos no matter which side you play, which is to thank the real live players who wield the war machinery, extremely nonscripted and nonlinear.
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