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It may be that you steer the craft either with a mouse or joystick, but wether you hit the target or not is totally up to the system to decide.

The Tie Defender and B-Wing was not finished developed until atleast 3 years from the current time period we are playing in.
That would be around the Battle of Hoth.

The Missileboat I am unsure when was finished developed, but I seem to recall it was around the same time as the Tie Defender.

The Tie Interceptor is basically finished developed and has gone into production.

The Tie-Advanced could be just around the corner, and so may the A-Wing, so I see nothing majorly wrong with putting these 2 fighter crafts in the game.

As for the Firespray, as it is an aging design not produced anymore, I would think this ship would be hard to come by.

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