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having to read this:

|GG|Crow_Nest a.k.a the Dynamic Crow
1000th post reached on 3-10-2003 at 4.58 PM!
1250th post reached on 13-10-2003 at 7.02 PM!
1500th post reached on 20-10-2003 at 10.23 PM!
1750th post reached on 11-06-2003 at 5.18 PM!
2000th post reached on 21-11-2003 at 8.58 PM!
2250th post reached on 11-12-2003 at 12.28 PM!
2500th post reached on 31-12-2003 at 8.43PM!

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is just as annoying...

I dont wana know your computer specs every time you post as well as the exact second you reached XXXX ammount of posts. Its pointless and interrupts mine, and many others, regular thread reading routine.

like woah
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