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Originally posted by The Count
I'm not too bothered if George Lucas exploits me anymore than he already has; I mean he has got me to already got to pay for 3 trilogies on video, their soundtracks, the prequel videos and DVDs, countless posters, magazines and to top it all off I have the same Video Game for two formats so I most probably will be buying the 3 set box for the OT aswell as Episode III seperatley on DVD and on Video, and the Clone War cartoons.

I only bought a GameCube so I could play Rouge Leader.

I can assure you I will also be the first to buy the uber 6 episode DVD Boxset and I doubt that will be the end of it .
yeah that sounds about right
i'm a star wars junkie too, so i'll be getting them...
hell, put a star wars logo on a pile of horse crap and i would buy it.
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