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I am most definitely not a trekkie(1).

It is doable from what I can see - but what would be the point. The primary draw of KotOR, for me anyway, is lightsabres. Melee combat and Trek do not mix well, unless you want a game where every cretin is running around with a Klingon batlith or whatever. KotOR's ranged combat sucks ass IMO, and I don't believe there are any beam-weapon anims in the game so phasers would be a problem right away.

When I say doable I mean if the mod were set in the Kirk era. Y'know, randy captain with his pals running around saving and shagging all the allegedly nonhuman babes. DS == Romulan, LS == Federation. Diddle one too many wenches and the Feds get grumpy on your ass. Etc.

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