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Originally posted by Stone-D
Eek. I forgot to add the footnote.

Thing is, I probably would be a trekkie if the series' philosophy continued along Kirk's lines. However, with the advent of the ultra-sterile Generations, the whole thing sickens me. It got pseudo promising at the start of Voyager, but that lamed out pretty quick until the mildly entertaining last two episodes. Note that I didn't watch much in between, though.

Last night a local cable channel slipped a TNG rerun ad past my defences, which went along the lines of :

'Commander' Worf gets emotionally unstable when family problems mean he must undertake a mysterious klingon ritual - does the captain care? Will Data get another erection? Will someone please shoot the storywriter? Stay tuned to find out.

I mean, jeez. A thirteen year old trapped in his sister's closet during a lesbian all-nighter would be able to come up with a better plot or twenty.
Your ultra-sterile.
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