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ATTN: Fred Tetra (Important bug report)

Wanted to let you (and anyone using the tool) know that with the latest version, an odd bug seems to have crept into the 2da editor.

I'm not sure about exactly what (if any) specific conditions cause it, but the behavior has been the following:

The final line of a 2da file when saved, changes all the data fields from whatever was there to bogus entries. In appearance.2da specifically, it fills the line with values of "C_Verkaal"

In heads.2da, it fills them with "N_GadonH"

As far as I can tell, it happens when you save the file, but I could be wrong. In order to work around it until it's fixed, what I do is create an additional row of data at the bottom of any file I edit, and fill the fields with **** or whatever. Once saved and re-opened, it fills them with the data indicated above, but at least it's an entry the game isn't using anyway, so it's a workaround that preserves the data I need.

There seem to be some other odd little bugs here and there related to loading and saving. For example.. Load up say heads.2da. Change a field and then save as - overwriting the same file. Then go to load, and try loading the same file again. When I do, I get a crash.. there were a few others as well, but I can't remember specifics. Sorry about that =(

Anyways.. wanted to put this somewhere visible to minimize any damage until you can figure out what happened


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