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I believe that music with good taste behind it is the best. Like Spineshank, Ill Nino (when they don't yell too much), Fuel, Bon Jovi, ect. I always find those to be pleasent to listen to. Likin Park is a pretty good one, with the mix of rap and rock. Rap isn't sensless and the rock isn't intensive. But the punk rock, heavy rap, ect. I think is really not what music should be. It's just yelling into the microphone at the top of your lungs, or talking about how many girlfriends you have and how cool you are (not!). People who listen to that crap usually are into gothic, or their pants are like at their knees. Thus the downfall to some of human soceity. I mean, I fail to see the cool thing about misspelling everysingle word in the english vocabulary or listening to something about killing people or some sick lyrics.
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