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Picard: Mr. Data viewscreen on. What the ********** is that?

Data: Unknown sir. But it is several times larger than the Enterprise.

Picard: Hail them. This is Capt. Picard of the USS. Enterprise to the unknown vessel approaching us, we come in peace.

Revan: Then you are of no use to us. Bastila, wipe them out. All of them.

Picard: Mr. Worf, what is your assessment?

Worf: Kiss your ***** goodbye. They are bigger than us, have more weapons and they just launched over a thousand small snub fighters.

Data: Sir! Over a dozen more ships have mysteriously appeared around us. All of them have launched ships. In my opinion Mr. Worf is correct.

Riker: I want my mommy!

Now that would be a great scene!
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