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A little letdown for you guys: A pure "Maniac Mansion" soundtrack won't happen. I stayed in contact with the guy who said he has the music from the game, but unfortunately it's only 3 tracks... that, plus Puffy64's remix, really isn't enough for a soundtrack. But I think I'll add the remix to the DOTT soundtrack (maybe together with the most requested track for "Dwayne"), and update the covers.

I guess if I can dig up more music, I'll do a "LucasFilm Classics"-soundtrack, with stuff like "Maniac Mansion", "Ballblazer", "Rescue on Fractalus" and so on.

But until then all other things get much higher priority. And there are still covers that I need... like "Loom" and "Force Commander".

Oh, and just yesterday I saw "The Dig" in a DVD-case in the store, and now I am thinking about doing DVD-covers for all (or at least MOST) LucasArts-games... I think I might host them on my site too. (there's a thread concerning the necessary "ridicously large cover scans")

I didn't rip the X-Wing soundtrack myself, I got them from MadMarty, a regular at the German site "Die Tentakelvilla". No idea though how he managed to get them out of the game.

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