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Name: Davian Anhel
Age: 30-40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profesion: All combat bounty hunter
Background: Grew up on Coruscant and became a good mellee/ranged bounty hunter. using his cousins sources in the bounty hunting buissness Davian got well known to the crime-lords and quickly climbed to the "experienced" catagory in his clients eyes. Has was a jedi until his master died and he quit. From then on he has kept his lightsaber locked away and never uses his force powers unless there is definetly no other way. He fears that someone may see him and that would destroy his career and mabye his life.
looks: has short, slightly spiked, black hair and stubble on his chin. Wears a large black coat to hide his armour.
Weapons: a single blaster on his belt, yet his armour still has many compartments. And on his gloves he has spiked knuckles.
Driods:Tracker driods and a repair driod on his ship
Vehicles:Modified Swoop bike, more durable and has a gun emplacement. "Shop" the ship where he keeps all his possesions/guns/equipment and where he lives. It is a Modified version of the Firespray to have more weapons and armour. virtually impossible to get open unless you blow it up when its standing still. Its also horizontal all the time instead of vertical in space horizontal when parked.

[EDIT] @lil_dude Yes that what you do and you act him the RPGS youve said.

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