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OOC: ive barly done this kinda thing before, so tell me if i should change any habits e.g too Uber/ too unrealistic

IC: Meanwhile on Tatooine Davian has been captured by a double cross by his client. Davian had accepted a simple job and soon found that his client and an ambush were waiting for him. He's been stripped of his obvious weapons and his armour has been beaten up.

*Davian has grabbed the bars and is shkaing them violently, his face red with anger*

Turwen ((the client)):i doubt you'll ever get out of that cell Mr Anhell. of all my years people have done the exact same and well... look around you

*the cell is covered with bones, obviously Turwen just leaves bodies there, unguarded. Davian is shocked to see that all his things and many others are just lying down the corridor, obviously bait to make him use his energy*

Davian *to self* ok, calm down davian, this ownt look good if someone finds you here. Now, those idiots didnt expect me to escape, or maybe the WANT be to escape... *holds head* what am i going to do? *slaps head* im going to escape of course, i dont care if they are... uh oh, im talking to my self... SHUT UP DAVIAN AND ESCAPE!

*Davian pulls a knife from his boot and starts to saw at the bar with little effect*

Davian:This is useless... my only option is... *pulls a thermal detonater from his armour* now, i have to make this pretty weak and... *he rolls the thermal detonater a distance from his cell and runs to the far side of the wall.*


*Davian jumps at the cells with a kick and knocks some out hurting his foot. he then runs to his equipment and then runs to his ship, suspiciously no-one has cared about his escape OR the explosion but Davian doesnt care*

TurwenYou two, go see what that explosion was! and you, call my ship! i dont want him following us at all!

*two men run in Davians direction and Davian is waiting at the corner with 2 heavy blasters held out. The guards turn the corner and their heads are in line with his guns

Davian This'll teach you for Trying to lock me away to rot!

In an instant there is a flash and 2 men are on the floor... dead

*Davian charges after Turwen and realises that hes much better at tracking when hes not in mangled armour, so he turns for his ship knowing he is unequaled at chasing in space*

*He reaches his ship and notices his target has a head start*

Davian Not a problem at all, is it Sparks?

DroidBeep Boop Bwiit

Davian Yup, now hold on to something.... or whatever you do when i do this.

*The ship has a sudden propelling to it and the driod falls over, as always. As Davian nears his target he receives a call from Turwen*

TurwenPlease! have mercy! you can understand what it feels like to do anything for credits! you also kill people for it!

Davian Ok, first off, we have a difference, IM the bounty hunter and YOUR the target! and secondly, tell me who wants me dead and you'll live

Turwen Ok... ok! im just an old man, ill tell you. It was that Zabrak that you almost destroyed an entire building trying to get him. he escaped and is after you now! Please let me go!

Davian Hmm, smart. if you werent familiar with the bounty hunting buisness at all. Letting a target escape is like giving someone a second chance to stab you in the back.

*Davian presses a couple buttons and missles are fired from his ship*

Turwen WAIT! NOOO.....*Static*

Davian That'll teach you back stabbers *Davian continues to fly into space*

OOC:is this too much at once? :P

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