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Patience, my young Padawan. There is more music to come, like "Force Commander", "TIE Fighter", "Outlaws" and "The Dig". But I have a job, and am just doing this on the side, and just for fun. Don't worry... more music-updates are going to come.


You're just the man I was looking for (or one of those). You're right, I got the music from the PC-version. Conveniently it's stored on the game CD as MP3-files... so not much work to do here.

BUT: The big drawback of those files is the quality, because they were compressed with 96kbps at 22kHz, which isn't CD-quality. Rumours say, that the X-Box version has the soundtrack at a higher quality. Could you please check on that? I guess you can search the CD for MP3-files on your PC. Then just play them with WinAmp (or right-click them, and look at the details) to find out about the bitrate and stuff.

You might mail me about this at

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