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A Great Hunt

Name: Dassk
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Trandoshan
Profession: Bounty Hunter, all around hired gun
Background: He works for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, he's a feard Bounty Hunter and has killed many people in his days, he's very rich is restoring Mini-Star Destroyer so him and his Bounty Hunter friends can launch bigger assaults.
Weapons: Twin Blaster Pistols, Modified Heavy Blaster Rifle
Vehicles: 3/4 completed Mini-Star Destroyer, Speeder Bike
Place of birth: Trandosha
Droids: 3 Battle Droids


*It was a hot day on Tatooine, Dassk was headed out into the Dune Sea to the location of the rumored Giant Krayt Dragons, Jabba has offerd a reward of 100 million credits for the corps of this massive creature*

Dassk: I have it in my sites, i'm closing in

*Dassk begins to fire but is quickly distracted when 3 other Krayt Drangons come up from beyond a Dune*

Dassk: I'm backing off a bit, I need back up!

*Dassk backs up into a position where he can take out the 3 smaller Krayt Drangons but still see the large one*

Dassk: I'm firering


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