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lol topic changed

ok my view on the flash intro as a viewer

first the starting at the start

the words: i feel it can be more clearer iif it is another colour colour combination is quite important and since this is a dark side mod we can maybe try to give a more dark side feeling in the intro/background like a red glow around the intro.etc and the words well u can try yellow words with red or red words with yellow .etc others but it must mix good and look nice

then the screenshots: well thosse are the screenshots that are already found in the screenshots page i would recommend new screenshots instead that not found in the screenshots page.

i also feel that it better if it animated like we get to see some ingame action with the darth brandon moving around in some of the best maps in the game killing enemies... and also some small cut scenes of the game.

lastly when the flash intro ended with the reborn ancient jedi logho and a red sea(i assume) and the reborn there that is not much visible.
i think that the rebon can be made more visible instead of a little visible it might look better.

just my view u can ignore it if u want

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