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XBox mp3?

But how do you capture mp3's from Xbox games? Is there some kind of program you have to use? Also, Laserschwert, the Emperor's Tomb mp3's that are currently up on the Soundtrack site, are they pretty much exactly the way you got them from the game cd? Or did you edit them together? Because it sounds like either you either edited them together or you hooked a tape recorder up to your sound output and just recorded the music as you were playing the game. If the tracks are edited together, I personally would prefer the individual tracks rather than the "several tracks edited together version." But that's just me, and I can't speak for everyone. That's not a complaint, I would rather have the "several tracks edited together" version than no version at all. And also, is the music you have posted all the music that you have access to? Because it's definitely not all the music from the game. And also, every time I've tried to go to Soundtrack site from any of the computers in my house in the past day, they all keep saying that they cannot find it. I know the problem has to be on my end, so does anyone know how to fix it?

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