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Yeah, I'm planning on adding a "More music from Grim Fandango"-soundtrack on the site... but back then, since I got many e-mails from people asking me to add the music from "Grim Fandango" to my site, I decided to take the easy road, and put links on my site to files which I knew were already hosted by the GrimFandangoNetwork. This way I could satisfy some people a little easier than taking the effort of creating an all-new Grim-soundtrack. Eventually I WILL take this effort, but right now I have only little time on my hand, so that I'll add other stuff first.


No, the music isn't edited together. After installing the PC-version, there's a music folder, which contains every bit of music from the game in form of MP3s. There are several big pieces amongst those files (the ones I used on the soundtrack you find on my site), and many very short fills and cues. I thought these short parts wouldn't really fit on a soundtrack, since they would interrupt the music all the time. But now with a slight chance of getting those files at a higher quality, I might edit a complete soundtrack together... but that still depends on this X-Box-ripping issue.

Couldn't you just browse the CD with the Windows Explorer? Maybe there's a "music"-folder on the CD, which contains the MP3s.

I don't know how the X-Box works... do you have to install games? Or do you play them directly from the CDs? Because in the PC-version of "Emperor's Tomb" the music-directory is only available on the hard drive AFTER installing the game. So maybe you would need access to the files on your X-Box hard drive...

But Benny already says he has the files, so probably you don't even have to do this.

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