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Post Alls I cans says ish WOW...


I did something very, very STUPID.

I've been downloading demos.

Games are banned in my household. They are the avatars of evil and all things anti-scholastic. This, yes, is mostly my own fault, however, even in times of peace games are denied passage.

I downloaded everything I've missed these years...Oddworld demos, JP:OG demos, Star Wars games demos, GhostMaster demo...



I have met, in my demo downloading, a very interesting character. I think I found my new Monkey Island.

Razeil has devoured my soul.

I have discovered...SOUL REAVER!

Its hard to get so excited over a dark game...but this I just enjoy beyond description...with human words, anyway...njknmvd5g..

Is the whole thing worth pursuing? Fans? Questions? Comments?

*runs off, glides away*
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