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Originally posted by idontlikegeorge
Excellent idea and execution!

Since it's so early, nothing to give thought about... although, if it would be possible to remove the belt, I'd say do that... it doesn't look right. But since I don't know the model, I'm not sure if that surface can be toggled off or not.

Again, though, very nice idea. Different.
I've actually changed the textures on now, but I'm gonna have to make better workings on it in later versions. I've basically finished it. You can get it in my sig. I dunno if I Should submit it to pcgamemods since I dunno if it'll be disabled from download or not. I made my own textures and placed them basically over the old, but you can't really tell that much. So I'm not sure.

in a later version I'm going to skin the helmet to match, but I'm kind of tired right now and I want to make new shingle textures to do on the flange then on the head I'm going to try and make it battleworn bronze or iron.

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