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What's going on?

Hello, friends.

I thought that I might drop in and keep you all appraised of a situation that's currently been developing. It will, in some way, go to explain why there's been no Nightlight updates for a while and why I've been absent.

In less than a month, I'll be moving in with my girlfriend.

So... jitters big time. It's a big step. But something I'm looking forward to. At the moment we're both trying to sort out aspects of our lives. I'm looking for a new job (the current one is fun but doesn't give enough hours), she needs to do a course so that she's reaccredited with Austswim (she can teach swimming that way) and she can continue her olympic swimming at the same time.

Al, I'm working on an e-mail reply to you now. Nice script work, dude.

Eh... and I know, I haven't mentioned having a girlfriend before. In fact, I've probably mentioned before feeling very alone. This has moved pretty fast.

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