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Originally posted by rccar328
The US economic system is capitalism, but capitalism isn't a form of government (unless the corporations take control of our government). The corportations that trade under our capitalist economic system are still subject to the laws of our republic.
Agreed, but i think you would find that the corporations do wield an amazing influence over those in power. A lot of people would find it hard to distinguish between capitalism and government.
I think you may find that less than half of the ten biggest companies in america pay any tax... that doesn't sound like they are subject to the same laws to me.

Originally posted by ET Warrior
Communism is a beautiful form of government on paper. It just doesn't pan out well when human desires and instincts get ahold of it. There's always going to be at least ONE rotten tomato who decides to take advantage and rise to power...
Agreed again, but I think people seem to miss the fact that the exact same thing occurs in democracy, it is just less overt. There is no way that you would think someone who got poor exam results would get into harvard, or that someone with a string of failed buisnesses would become the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.
But there has basically become a "ruling elite" in democracy in the same way that there was in communism, and they spend a lot of their time and effort protecting their position in the same way that they did in communism.

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