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Welcome back, Mo Goya...

Theres a girl in my school who recently transfered here because she was doing drugs in public school. Now, many people come to the Academy(Catholic School) and get cleaned up. Its a real geeky thing to say, but its true.

Well, this jerk still does crap and BRAGS about it(and she clearly still this gonna get me in trouble?). She can't shut up, and clearly thinks she's far better then even the best in our school. In social studies, she's always fixing and snapping her tights and strechting back in her seat. We're doing Frankenstien in Brit. Lit., and shes ALWAYS got something to say. By the end of literary discusion, everyone wanted to slap her.

For midterms she came in with makeup worthy of a street-walker. All my teachers are ready to kill her. She talks about people when they're only FIVE FEET BEHIND HER...Everyone in the grade is waiting for her to get ecspelled(sp?)

Wow. That..that felt so good. Thanks, Goya!
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