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Jean-Belle to Chemistry Teacher holding meter stick
"Hey, be careful with that! Its going everywhere!"

Me about a maimed Ickis doll I've been sewing up weird
"I torture him every night."

I find this hysterical a week later...
Art teacher about Tim Burton book
"Its a sort of Burton on Burton."

This didn't happen in real life, but I made it comic form, it'll go into a photo-bucket account someday

HappyMan(at rennisance fair): On ward, ho!

HappyMan: Oh, look, afar, a dragon, ho!

HappyMan: It's a beutiful day, ho!

Girl: My, my, SOMEONE'S happy...

HappyMan:What did you say, ho?

*next panel...HappyMan's remains under the Kiddie Show stage*
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