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As you can see, there's nothing actually malicious except an attack on Mirco$oft and leaving a backdoor open.... which the creator decides what to do with (anyone who's hacked knows that you're usually there out of curiosity or bumping stuff like games etc. Only the odd nutcase destroys computers. With the amount of people infected with the virus, it would take years to get through them all, it's bad luck if you get a personal attack...). Micro$oft are in panic mode, if it wasn't going to attack m$ do you really think they'd bother as much? Nope.
I hope it fooks M$ up actually....

This is so pathetic. How sad, lonely, and geeky do you have to be to do something like this?
Not very, I created my first virus at the age of 12.... basic - yes, worked - yes.

Anyways, the people who did this are probably like the HL2 code hackers. They come into the I-need-to-get-a-life group.
They actually pissed people off badly, only semi-idiots usually get caught with no virus protection. Stealing a super-hyped-up game is different from knocking out M$'s server and hacking a few people.
It would also be quite satisfying to see your creation in the news...
People' with no AV protection's computers going slower is a small price to pay.

The question is, why do they do it?
For fun, to see how long it takes for the virus to get shot down by the AVs and to have a peak around people's pr0n stashes....
Annoying M$ is also a reason.

Quote:Originally posted by Tie 23
Hey, how about every one here pitch in like, $3 and make a reward for the capture of the guys who stole the HL2 Source code
Thats not as important.
WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!???! It's 10x more important than a daft wee virus.... It's the damned sequel to half life. Who cares about M$!?
/me Slaps you
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