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My friend's in History class:

I have a penis! AH! Question!

My other friend's in conversation:

Oh my God, you are so horny. I mean, nosy.


Oohh! Vile epitaphs! (meaning epithets)

My favorite:

(pre-explaination: I was at my friend Dana's, and we had this piece of chocolate cake in her basement. My other friend Edmee wanted some so I took a bit off and put it in her mouth so she could eat it. Dana left for the bathroom, and then I proceeded to [as a joke] stick the entire cake in Edmee's mouth [as she was laughing hysterically] after tons of laughter Dana walked back into the room)

Dana (referring to the cake): Oh my God! It's all over the floor!

Me: That's because I shoved it in her mouth!

(we laughed for hours)

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