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*Raschel leaves the ship, dressed in the dark blue mithril armor. Taking a cue from Heimdall and Svafa she wears no clothing over it except her blaster belt and a deep red-brown coat. The Aesirian weapon Heimdall had given her four months ago is clipped to the back of the belt beside her ordinary blaster.

Marin comes after her, wearing the tight pink shirt and tight blue pants that she'd worn months ago when she arrived in this dimension. She somewhat regretted not accepting Guy's Shadow armor or the Aesirian mithril suit she'd been given, but she'd found that neither would disappear with her body when she morphed. Too much extra mass. So they were left behind.

Aidan comes closely behind Marin, still wearing only a gray loincloth, carrying no weapons.

Guy leaves the ship as well, dressed in his Shadow's suit, covered entirely in gray, with a cloak and collar of even darker gray. The unadorned high collar circles around his head as if to protect it; the armor protected everything up to the Shadow's neck.

Misae comes last, wearing her Padawan's brown and white robes. Her lightsaber is attached at her side.

Aidan looks back at Guy with a bit of suspicion in his eye. He'd grown completely accustomed to his presence after four months, but now that the group was directly back in their mission, the mistrust flared up again. Sure, "Guy" hadn't betrayed them for all five or so months he'd been with them. Probably really was just a renegade Shadow. But come to think of it, Guy hadn't even said that he had cut himself off from the other Shadows, or even that he was on their side. Simply, the Aesir had 'trusted' him, and because of that so did everyone else.*

Because...they plan to kill us all anyway before this is all over? Is that why they don't mind ferrying around a potential traitor?

*Come to think of it they were all potential traitors to the Aesir, weren't they? Aidan felt safe now, since the "quest" was only in its third stage of what he presumed would be ten, one for each key. As the numbers progressed higher, he would have to keep a more careful eye out. The others seemed to him like harmless pawns in a larger game, but the Aesir were certainly dangerous. Throughout their stay together, they had always subtley made sure they had the upper hand over all the non-Aesir. The gifts of armor some of the others were wearing bore runes that were probably enchanted. Their quarters were certainly under constant surveillance, and the ship's intelligence had no concept of privacy. The Aesir had made it quite clear, without actually saying it, that their ship clearly could be just as much of a prison as a free ride if their benefactors so wished it.*

Pawns like the rest of us, but pawns that can take the other pawns out. Careful, Aidan. Anyone can be a threat.

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