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*Svafa looked back as some of the others come out. She seeing Aidan looking at Guy and Svafa smiles wondering what conspiracy Aidan was now generating in his mind.

She then looks out and leans up against the ship.

Idun came out a little while later, she was attired like the other Aesir. She walks and stands by Heimdall*

Heimdall: Didn't sleep so well did you?

Idun: No, the dreams are coming back.

Heimdall: If this keeps up it could become dangerou...

*a large sonic boom reverberates across the plains drawing Heimdall's, Idun's, and Svafa's attention. An object crosses the sky. It was glowing white. The object was going to impact near the Asgardreid.

Heimdall continued to watch it, and made out that it was somekind of ship. Within moments of impact breaking thrusters fired and slowed the ship. It wasnt' enough, it hit the ground hard and skided towards the Asgardreid. The damaged ship came to a stop about 20 meters from the Asgardreid.

As the dust from the impact settled a Girl appeared. She was obviously dazed and wandered towards the light emanating from the Asgardreid. As she walked Heimdall and Idun approached her, Heimdall kept a hand on his blaster and Svafa kept one on hers.*

Heimdall: Who are you?

*The girl looks at Heimdall but doesn't respond. Heimdall was surprised by the girls appearance. She had one red firey eye and one ice blue eye. After locking gazes for a second the girl collapses to the ground. Idun rushes to her side*

Idun: She is weak, near death, but she isn't like the other, she is a good one.

*Heimdall takes his hand off his blaster and picks up the girl and carriers her back into the ship. Svafa and Idun follow after him, cloaks billowing behind them*

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