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Originally posted by Mo Goya
The shrink in Orca Wail's story doesnt seem to understand, and isnt understanding peoples problems part of his job description? Not only should he not be working at schools, but the guy shouldnt even be a shrink!!
I think I exaggerated a wee bit......But yes, he was a jerk.

In Das Mole's story, I don't think it was PMS...more like menopause or just old fashion stupidity.

Best of the best mother daughter moments...
When I was little, I didn't know crossing fingers meant you were lying, and I was a figeter. So I was defending myself against an acusation of spilling some substance in the kitchen(which, i was known to do, but I HAD NOT this instance). I was figeting, so I crossed my fingers. My mother flipped out and punished me. I asked why and she said I was lying because I crossed my have an idea how this ended...

two days later, ps, sister dear tells mom she's sorry she spilled soda on the kitchen floor and left it there before she went out...
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