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stupid quotes by people we see regularly

well, i've begun to undertake a very serious project- every time a teacher says something stupid, i'm writing it down and seeing how many stupid quotes i can collect within the next five months

here's what i've got so far:

"uranus had babies with gaea." (she pronounced uranus 'your anus' and gaea 'gay uh') -english teacher

"we got the flu from my baby nephew who got it the other day. and i thought there was an incubation period, but i guess not. so all the four of us, me, my husband, and my kids, all we did yesterday was just like barfing and diarrhea." - my english teacher.

"oh, zut! c'est comme les spaghetti!" - my french teacher. it means "crap! it's like spaghetti!". she was talking about some tangled-up electric wires. she was trying to figure out which one went to the overhead projector.

"right. good job. so you go corresponding up, corresponding up, congruent, congruent, isosceles." - my math teacher.

english teacher: "i'm trying to think of the word you guys means 'meretricious'...i can't find it."
student: "slutty? whorish?"
english teacher: "no, not slutty."

and that's all i've got. believe me. i started last week friday. these things are gonna start comin in like...pancakes. or something.
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