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i would probably say my most embarassing moment...was when in sixth grade band, i was on the second stage of the risers, and since i was first chair my chair had one chair on the right and open on the left, i was on the very end, the last seat of the risers. so i needed more elbow room to get my hand in the bell, and i scoot to the left and my whole chair goes completely toppling over and i fall off the risers about a foot or two. somehow, my horn didn't get dented or anything. but everyone was looking at me.

also just at the beginning of the school year this year, i was tardy on the first day. so i walk in to the classroom and everybody's head kind of turns over to me and everybody is just staring, including the teacher. i don't know why. everybody's tardy at some point. i just happened to be tardy the first day. it was so unfair.
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