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where I work I have to make people strange sandwiches all the time. Like, people will ask for a salad sandwich to be TOASTED. The lettuce becomes all wilted and disgusting, not to metion the repulsiveness of the thought of warm cucumber. Like, I can understand it would be nice if you put the salad in after you toasted it... but before??? grosses me out. Then again, any kind of warm salad grosses me out. I get to try out all types of sandwich combos at work and they are always half price so I get to have just about anything I can think of for tea, it's great.

Anyway, my fav sandwiches are ...

*bacon and egg with two bits of real bacon not sandwich bacon.... mmmmmm, so yummy, especially when the egg yolk drips into the toast.

* sun dried tomato and cheese toasted - this is so unhealthy cause I never drain the tomatos properly first, so the garlicy oil drips through into the bread.

*Sardine. I looooove sardines. I don't even put any butter on, just sardines. My pets go crazy cuase of the smell, everyone else in my family hates it except my dad.

*lettuce mayo and chicken nuggets. This one is just toooo yummy (why did I have to read this at lunch time???)

*Pasta salad. This one is weird but I love it, I don't even remeber how I came around to trying it out, but I'm glad I did.

*lettuce mayo and a slice of meatloaf (and maybe a bit of tomato sauce) I had this one every day for ages when my mum made a huge meatloaf awhile back... do you notice the unhealthy trend?

*lettuce and mayo. a bit dull,. but still satisfying.

*roast pork and gravy. When we have a roast at work, it sits in the gravy for hours and goes really mushy and salty, it just about spreads onto the bread. Only bad thing is once I'm sure I got food poisoning from the pork we have at work. It had been sitting out the back getting cold for half anhour before I ate it, which could explain it.

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